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10. Benetl core configuration

Benetl core configuration:

The core of Benetl is located into C:\Benetl folder.
The software and its libraries are located into this folder.

This folder is used to create EtlTool for your datasource.
In C:\Benetl you can find a file called: "benetl_pg.xml".

MySQL users:

In C:\Benetl you can find a file called: "benetl_my.xml".
This is brought by Benetl 3.0. In this file you will define how to use MySQL as the database used by Benetl. If you want to use MySQL, you have to remove "benetl_pg.xml" from C:\Benetl.

You have to change the line with the url, the user and password of postgreSQL/MySQL, in order to be able to connect to postgreSQL/MySQL, in order to create Benetl tables and all the tables for your EtlTools (datasources).


The example shown in the picture is the current one:

  • Database url: my_database
  • Postgresql user: postgres
  • Postgresql password: benoit
  • You need first to install postgreSQL or MySQL and define a database, in order to install Benetl.

    You can learn more about Benetl’s tables at: 14. postgreSQL and MySQL tables of Benetl

    For MySQL users: you need to download the MySQL official driver (not provided).

    In order to use MysQL official driver, you have to provide it (mysql-connector-java-8.x.x.jar) into "C:\benetl\lib" ("/opt/benetl/lib") directory.

    Then you have to adapt the classpath defined in "etltool_gui.bat" ("") and put the path to the lib you provide.

    Then you have to change the file "benetl_my.xml" in "C:\benetl"or "/opt/benetl/" like this:


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