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13. EtlTool control file

EtlTool control file:

The file "control_file.xml" is the configuration file for an EtlTool.
This file is generated by Benetl when you have finished to design your EtlTool inside the graphical interface.

Here are the rubriques you can find:

  • etltool_name
  • etltool_directory
  • etltool_date_format
  • first_line_to_read
  • last_file_read
  • last_line_read
  • Benetl 1.2 adds:

  • script_creation_mode
  • You can create a sql script for inserts into postgreSQL/MySQL database.
    In Benetl you can redefine a table name for your datas export, and select a mode. Benetl can be used a loader for tables of your own.

    Benetl 1.5 adds:

  • every_x_lines
  • You can tell your EtlTool to write data only every x lines.

    And then you will found a number of "field" nodes equals to the number of fields you have defined through out Benetl.

    A "field" node is made of a:

  • name
  • use
  • operator
  • operand
  • type (since Benetl 2.6)
  • EtlTool directory is the place where the datasource files are located.
    Everytime the EtlTool is reading a new line, then the current line number is written in last_line_read.
    Everytime the EtlTool is parsing a file from the directory, the current file name is written in last_file_read.

    Benetl 4.4 adds:

  • batch_lines
  • You can tell your EtlTool to write data into database when a number of lines (you choosed) is reached.

    This functionnality brings much more performance to Benetl.

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